There used to be some information on this site about what’s happening in the world of Le Concorde and my new band, UNSEEN BEINGS, with Jon Auer (Posies/Big Star) and Brian Young (Fountains of Wayne/Posies/Jesus and Mary Chain). There really isn’t any information on here anymore but here is a two fold announcement. I have been busy, just silent. Soon there will be a release from Unseen Beings in the form of an EP, titled “Constant Intercession”. Greg Calbi is mastering it in a couple days. And after many years of writing and tinkering, following in the slow but deliberate pace of my sophistipop forebears, (Scritti Politti, The Blue Nile, Prefab Sprout, Aztec Camera) recording will begin this year on the third Le Concorde full-length album, the sixth official Le Concorde release…

Peace be with you,

S.B., February 2020

Los Angeles, CA