Winter 2020 – I Will Make Music

I placed the Unseen Beings album in the vault for about three years, long story. Last year Jon and I returned to it, kept some of the tracks, discarded some, recorded and mixed some new songs, and reduced the whole affair down to an EP. The EP is titled “Constant Intercession.” Jon recently finished the mixes/remixes. The legendary Greg Calbi mastered it on Feb 22 and it sounds better than ever. Artwork is about to get underway. I’ll be looking to release it with a music video sometime in the next 12 months.

The new Le Concorde album that I began writing in 2016 is in the vault in elaborate fragments of intricately programmed sessions. Due to various transformative experiences at home and abroad, inwardly and outwardly, I began writing another new Le Concorde album without any programming, just focusing on the core of the songs. The album is now fully written. Talks are now are underway with a legendary producer and I am avoiding demo-itis by doing all the songs as only guitar and vocal to a Tascam 424 cassette 4-track for said producer. The album however will be the opposite of Lo-Fi. It will be sophistipop in the grand tradition.

While I’m not under the illusion that anyone is still paying attention, it amuses me to justify the time between releases by stating that Le Concorde has assumed the legendary glacial pace of its influential forebears:

Scritti Politti/Green Gartside…

The Blue Nile/Paul Buchanan …

Prefab Sprout/Paddy McAloon…



“…I will make music” – Psalm 101:1